Be Real Services

My passion is helping owners get the most out of their business. That’s why I provide my services with no up-front cost or commitment and a 100% guarantee. If you don’t feel value has been provided, you don’t pay. Be Real… for real? Yup. Honest.

EOS Implementation

Get the most out of your business
Full EOS® implementation is for owners and leaders who are committed to managing their business more effectively, increasing revenue and profits, and creating a business they love. As a trained and licensed EOS® Implementer, I work with the leadership team in full day sessions to teach the EOS® tools, facilitate exercises and coach you as you learn to master the disciplines necessary to successfully break through the ceiling and bring your company to new heights.

EOS implementation is done in full-day work sessions with you and your leadership team, designed to teach you the tools you need to become 100% strong and get outstanding results.

Follow our effective, proven process
Typically, EOS® Implementation sessions are held once a month for 3 months, then quarterly until EOS® has been fully adopted by the entire organization. My goal is to teach you the tools, support you as you implement, then get out of the way!

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90-Day Focus Sessions

Create a plan and get results
The Focus Sessions package is designed to help owners crystalize their one-year plan, establish quarterly ‘rocks’ that support that plan, and create the structure and discipline necessary to get results. Working in 3-month intervals, the annual plan is reviewed and appropriate 90-day goals are identified. Bi-weekly Accountability Meetings are held to assign weekly action items, review progress, create accountability and resolve issues.

The ‘Real’ Results Series is a 90-day package that includes seven sessions – (1) 2-hour Focus Meeting and (6) one-hour Accountability Meetings.

Partner with a business coach
Focus Sessions are perfect for self-employed individuals or personal producers who want to achieve better results and understand the benefit of partnering with a coach who will provide structure and accountability.

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Business Planning Sessions

Create a simplified business plan
If you’ve been so busy working in your business that it’s been a while since you’ve picked your head up, looked around and asked yourself, “what is it I’m trying to achieve?” then some ‘Real’ Business Planning might be just what you need to make sure you’re headed in the right direction and to get you where you want to go as quickly as possible.

The four-hour ‘Real’ Business Planning Session will take you through a series of exercises to establish a simplified mission statement, marketing strategy, long-term vision and short-term goals.

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