A Little About Bernadette Bolton

Passionate About Helping Business Owners

People start a business because they have something they love and are good at. They’re successful, but end up feeling like their business is running them instead of the other way around. They know there must be a better way.

Do what you love

Love what you do

That’s my credo and my wish for the business owners I support.

I’m passionate about helping owners build the business they’ve always imagined; to grow it the way they want to and manage it in a way that doesn’t consume them.

Organizational Development Fanatic

I’m fascinated by the different ways companies develop their business, manage their teams and interact with their customers. What works, and what doesn’t.

“Culture eats strategy for lunch” – Peter Drucker

What I’ve learned is that every business reaches a point where it hits a ceiling and in order to break through to the next level, new skills need to be developed. The company needs to grow and mature, but not lose sight of it’s core purpose. This type of growth requires a strong culture.

Be Real Culture – The Name

I believe that no matter a company’s business or size, its ability to achieve and sustain success is directly related to how well its leader has developed its culture.

The formula for a successful culture is as varied as the businesses themselves. The only “right” culture is the culture that’s right for each individual company.

I chose this name for my company because I think it reflects this philosophy. How do you create a great culture? Be honest about who you are, who you want to serve and what you want to achieve. Be authentic. BE REAL.

Bernadette Bolton, Founder of Be Real Culture & Organizational Development Expert

Trusted Coach & Mentor

Having served on the leadership team of several entrepreneurial businesses over the last 25 years, and being an experienced Elite Life Coach, I not only understand what you need to do to build a successful business, but how you need to think.

I love partnering with owners who are passionate about their business — those who are dedicated to building a healthy leadership team, providing outstanding customer service and creating an engaged, team environment for their staff.

If you’d like to get more out of your business – more customers, more profits, more enjoyment – let’s chat!

To your success!

– Bernadette